Lead Counsel or Co-Counsel

  • Bd. of Sup’rs of Prince William Cty. v. Parsons (Va. 1993) (use of eminent domain for a landfill)
  • Bd. of Sup’rs of Stafford Cty. v. Crucible, Inc. (Va. 2009) (zoning – security training facility had no vested rights)
  • City of Manassas v. Bd. of Cty. Sup’rs of Prince William Cty. (Va. 1995) (jurisdiction of courthouse based on inter-jurisdictional agreement)
  • Forest Grove Service Corp. v. Prince William Cty. (Va. 1987) (review of SCC assessment of public service corporation property)
  • Gunnery Hill, LLC v. Bd. of Zoning Appeals of Spotsylvania Cty. (VA Sup. Ct. den’d pet. 2008) (BZA denial of vested rights)
  • Orchard Glen East, Inc. v. Bd. of Sup’rs of Prince William Cty. (Va. 1997) (assessment of condominium units)
  • Turner v. Bd. of Cty. Sup’rs. of Prince William Cty. (Va. 2002) (zoning – downzoning litigation)

Assisted or On Brief

  • Eagle Harbor v. Isle of Wight Cty. (Va. 2006) (local govt. fee enactment was prima facie reasonable) (on VACo amicus brief for Appellee Cty.)
  • Moore v. Prince William Cty. Circuit Court (Va. Ct. App. 1997) (Unpub. Op.) (worker’s compensation appeal of benefits award)
  • S.G. by Walla v. Prince William Cty. Dept. of Social Services (Va. Ct. App. 1997) (court authority to place minor)
  • Slemmons v. Prince William Cty. Police Dept. (Va. Ct. App. 2001) (Unpub. Op.) (employee did not qualify for worker’s compensation benefits)
  • Wood v. Bd. of Cty. Supervisors of Prince William Cty. (Va. 1997) (Cty. correction of erroneous taxpayer payments)